Views of Hemyock centre

Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1c Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1a Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1b

Milk factory demolition

Milk factory demolition-2-1 Milk factory, demolition-3-1 Milk factory, demolition-4-1 Milk factory, demolition-5-1 Milk factory, demolition-6-1 Milk factory, demolition-7-1 Milk factory-demolition-1-1

Hemyock vs. France

Hemyock vs France-9-1
Hemyock vs France-1
Hemyock vs France-2-1
Hemyock vs France-3-1
Hemyock vs France-4-1
Hemyock vs France-5-1
Hemyock vs France-6-1
Hemyock vs France-7-1
Hemyock vs France-8-1

Centre of Hemyock in 1900

Take a look at this great photo of the centre of Hemyock in 1900.

Hart Hem centre to East 1900

Snowy Dunkeswell

snow at dunkeswell 7-1

snow dunkeswell 3-1

snow dunkeswell 6-1-1

snow in dunkeswell-1

Dunkeswell Street in 2005

018 Dunkeswell Street with cows  2005 017 Dunkeswell Street 2005

Williams Butcher shop in Uffculme

Uffculme. Williams' butchers' shop with carcasses & poultry on display outside.-1 Uffculme. Williams' butchers' shop.-1

Dunkeswell Abbey Primary School (undated)

Dunkeswell Abbey primary school, undated.-1b

Dunkeswell Abbey primary school, undated.-1a

Dunkeswell Abbey primary school, undated.-1

The Old Rectory in Dunkeswell – through the ages

014 The first Rectory now hidden by trees, with the new Rect 012 The 19th century Rectory 011 The Rectory built 1860's, taken for the Revd. Richard Cr 005 Village and Rectory from Percy H RECTORY2 013 The old Rectory2005, Geese not in evidence