Rosemary Lane Sunday School 1900


Rosemary Lane Sunday School in 1900

Clayhidon Rectory Servants in 1900


The team of servants for Rev Clarke in 1900

Clayhidon Rectory


Clayhidon Rectory in 1900

Outing from Rosemary Lane Chapel in 1920


The children of John and Caroline New at Craddock

Caroline            John Somers    Johanna           Vernon Arthur

1866-1926        1871-1960          1868-1942        1879- ????

went to California

Caroline NewJohn Somers NewJohanna Constance NewVernon New


by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd), half-plate nitrate negative, 27 June 1932

Henry Harcourt New 1874-1961 at Craddocks       by Lafayette  June 1932

John Cave New and Caroline Somers Smith New

John Cave New MD  1826 – 1901 and his wife Caroline Somers Smith New 1845 – 1926

lived at Craddock until their deaths as above leaving 6 children.  Craddock  was bought either by John’s father John New MD 1799 – 1862 and married to Harriet Cave or his grandfather John New 1769 – 1851 and married to Mary Bull. The New family were originally Bristol based merchants, who did well out of their estates in the Indies.

John Cave NewCaroline Somers Smith

Riding the Redwood buses in Hemyock

Have a look at these great photos of people enjoying themselves on the Redwood buses from Hemyock.

redwood buses-1 redwood buses-1b Redwood003 Redwood004 Redwood006 Redwood007 Redwood008 redwoods buses 1900-1a

More photos of the Hemyock Milk Factory

Hemyock milk factory. Powder drying machinery.-1 Hemyock Milk Factory-1 Hemyock Milk Factory -2-1 Hemyock milk factory evaporator-1 Hemyock milk factory,  interior of bottom of milk powder plant. Note  powder on conical floor.-1

Snowy Hemyock in 1962

More snow scenes @ Hemyock including  the old  pedestrian footbridge, 1962..-1 More scenes of Hemyock's snow, 1962. Mr. Bill Griffiths is the wearer of the cap. Unmistakedly.-1 More snow scenees, Hemyock milk factory, 1962. Miss Freda Lee , now Bradford, features here after walking in from Ashculm.-1 More snow scenes @ Hemyock & the factory including a welcome tanker of oil.-1