Clayhidon Rectory Servants in 1900


The team of servants for Rev Clarke in 1900

Clayhidon Rectory


Clayhidon Rectory in 1900

Outing from Rosemary Lane Chapel in 1920


The Great War Exhibition

On Tuesday 19th August at 7.30pm in Hemyock Village Hall there is the Book Launch of our book

“The Upper Culm Valley before, during and after the Great War”

On Friday 22nd August at Culmstock Village Hall from 7pm until 9pm there is an Exhibition of material collected from families of those who served.

On Saturday 23rd August the Exhibition will be at Hemyock Village Hall from 2pm until 6pm and there will also be dramatic readings of some of the stories from the book.

On Sunday 24th August the Exhibition will be at Clayhidon in St Andrews Church.

We are grateful for the support of the Three Parish Councils, the Heritage Lottery and the AONB SDF for their support.

The Great War Project

The 4th of August 2014 marks 100 years to the day since the Great War started. With such a big event that affected the lives of so many, the Blackdown Archives are pleased to announce plans for a major WW1 research project incorporating the villages of Hemyock, Culmstock and Clayhidon.

The project will focus on two main areas of research. Firstly we will be looking at the lives of fallen soldiers and secondly what life was like for those left behind.

With over 40 fallen soldiers, we plan to uncover as much information as we can on the lives of these young men leading them into to service and subsequently about their time in the forces.

As for the villages mentioned above, we will look at how the war affected village life in areas like farming and agriculture, the local economy and the roles of women in the villages, along with my many more.

The project will culminate in the production of a theatrical performance that we hope to run at the start of August 2014 to mark the centenary of the start of the war. Along with this, we hope to publish a book detailing the lives of the soldiers we have researched along with the effect on the villages.
Its and exciting project and with just under one year until the centenary it is a big undertaking, but one we all feel will be rewarding.

Can I help?

We are always keen to hear from people who may be able to help. Whether it’s volunteering your time or if you have information that you think could be helpful, do get in touch with us.

At present, we could do with volunteers in the following areas:
• Research (both online and local heritage centres)
• Book writing
• Script writing
• General help

If you are keen to volunteer or have information that may be beneficial, please feel free to attend a meeting on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 in the Hemyock Church rooms. Alternatively, you can email us at

We will be regularly updating our website with the progress of the project so keep checking back to see how were getting on.

Devon Remembers


The Great War started for Britain in August 1914 after Germany invaded Belgium en route to France. The Devon Roll of Honour of 19,000 names contains 19 from Hemyock, 23 from Culmstock and 6 from Clayhidon.

Hemyock Council would like an event to coincide with this centenary to be staged around the Pump and War Memorial in August 2014 when the BBC are also planning events on prime time television.

John Somers, a fellow of Exeter University, who has staged such events in the past will be attending a meeting in the Church Rooms on June 6th in Hemyock at 7.30pm to discuss his ideas for a centenary event in the Culm Valley.

Everyone is welcome to attend and suggest how the event should be planned and who should be involved. John will be presenting the events that have been staged previously some of which have generated national interest.

Effie White at Troakes Farm

Picture of Effie White at Troakes Farm c. 1950

Effie White at Troakes Farm c. 1950

Effie White from Troakes Farm, seeing to her chickens.

We think this picture was taken in the 1950’s.

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Troakes Farm, Clayhidon

Picture of Troakes Farm, Clayhidon c. 1950

Picture of Troakes Farm, Clayhidon c. 1950

This picture of Troakes Farm, near Clayhidon, appears to have been taken in the 1950’s.

It shows the farm house with Effie White, feeding her free range chickens.

Effie White at the Wash Tub

Effie White at the wash tub

Effie White at the wash tub

Effie White at the wash tub at Troakes Farm, Clayhidon c. 1950