East Street & Kitwell Street, Uffculme

Picture looking down East Street, towards Kitwell Street in Uffculme, Devon

The old Baker’s shop at No. 6 East Street on the immediate right

Taken in the show of the Mill, at High Street. This picture looks south-east, down East Street, towards Kitwell Street, Uffculme.

On the immediate right of the shot, is the old baker’s, owned by Mr Richards, at number 6 East Street – now a private home.

Lloyd Maunder Animal Feed

Picture of Culm Railway lines heading towards Lloyd Maunder feed mill in Uffculme, Devon.  Possibly pre-1963?

Railway lines heading towards Lloyd Maunder feed mill in Uffculme

The Culm Valley Railway lines heading towards the feed mill at Uffculme. We have contacted Lloyd Maunder to see if they can offer us any help on establishing some more information about this photo. They seemed very helpful when we called them and we await their reply.

We know the family business began in 1898, although Lloyd’s father, FJP Maunder, was in the meat trade around 1879, in Witheridge, Devon.

Some more about their history can be found on the Lloyd Maunder website.

From the Bridge at Uffculme

Picture of Bridge Street and Denner Way, Uffculme, Devon.

View from the bridge, looking north-west with Denners Way on the right

Little has changed in this view of Bridge Street, Uffculme. Probably taken in the early 70s, as the railway lines have been removed, although the level crossing gates are still shown.

The Esso garage appears to have the name of the proprietor shown as Featherstone. Perhaps you can recall the Featherstone’s or are part of the family?

Uffculme Square

Picture of Uffculme Square, Devon.

The Square & Shambles, Uffculme. Tiverton Industrial Co-op Society No. 2 branch (left).

The car and Co-op may give clues to the date of this picture which is unknown to us, at the time of publishing. The Co-op branch is Tiverton Industrial No. 2.

Picture of Uffculme Square c. 1970

Picture of Uffculme Square c. 1970

The much later picture appears to have been taken sometime around 1970. Clicking on the image will show the Square, as it is today.

A picture of the Square and Shambles at Uffculme in Devon

Click on this image to see its location

Churchinford General Stores

Picture the General Stores, Churchinford.

Picture the General Stores, Churchinford.

The Churchinford village general stores, on Lisieux Way. Date not known.

The identity of the two ladies from the store is also currently unknown. Do you know who they are? Please