Subscription Appeal 1864.

Copy of a subscription appeal, dated 1864, to raise funds for the erection of a new Baptist Chapel.

Hemyock Infants in 1895

Photo of the Infants at Hemyock School in 1895.

Any names please?

Opening of Hemyock Station.

Amazing photo of the opening of the Hemyock Railway Line in 1873.

Whitehall Manor

Photo of Whitehall Manor in Hemyock around 1900.

Hawkins Family 1897


The Hawkins family 1897. John and Elizabeth Hawkins with their family. L to R Emily, Harry, Bessie and Grace sitting between her parents.

Last Hemyock Royal British legion meeting. 1988

The last meeting of the Hemyock Branch of the Royal British Legion (Women’s Section). (1988)

Back Row. L to R. Dorothy Howsom, Sarah Lowman, Edna Dunn, Elvira Dunn, Phyll Kallaway and Dorothy Gammon (partly hidden), Dora Fuller, Mrs Payne Front Row- L to R. Vera Gard, Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Clarke, Sarah Bale and Margaret Lowman.

There are no longer branches of the British Legion in Hemyock


The Old Saw Mill Yard, Hemyock

The Old Saw Mill Yard c 1891-1893. This circular saw was driven by a portable steam engine, as opposed to a traction engine which moved under it’s own power. This engine was hauled by a horse, the shafts are visible in front of the smoke box. The chimney was hinged to fold horizontally, laying in the

An Excerpt from George Clist’s account books.

2 Pages from George Clist’s Account Book, detailing journeys undertaken by his hearse for the years 1852-1853. Details are given where the coffin was taken from, the churchyard to which it was taken, the distance in miles, whether the palls were used and the cost. Some ten years later two of his children had managed to write their names on the bottom of the account book.

The Hemyock Hundred, Whites Directory 1852.

A copy of the Hemyock entry in White’s Directory 1852